Fried [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fried:

"I guess you've handled a frying pan before, all right," he remarked at last, when the bacon was fried without burning.

Common soldiers bought fruit and paper bags of fried potatoes from the booths.

Cash then took down the little square baking pan, greased from the last baking of bread, and in that he fried his hot cakes.

Mammy fried plenty of dat ham an' made lots of bread an' fixed dem coffee.

I catched a good big catfish, too, and Jim cleaned him with his knife, and fried him.

It was not, however, pere Kontzen's terrace nor his appetizing fried dishes that drew them on.

Prayid raysa ang kan-un, Make fried rice of the food (rice).

I asked him if Grimmer had explained how a 110-volt light current could cook me like a fried potato, and he said he hadn't.

We hadnt had fried eggs at every turn in the West Indies for nothing, our stomachs were becoming acclimated.

His wife knew how to make fried dough nuts of real Indiana digestibility.