Friendlier [adjective]

Definition of Friendlier:

intimate, companionable

Opposite/Antonyms of Friendlier:

Sentence/Example of Friendlier:

Mrs. Bassett had never seemed friendlier, and Sylvia was flattered by this mark of kindness.

I reckon nobody ever turned a friendlier face toward others than John has, and that's why everybody loves him so.

Where bends a softer sky above a friendlier channel by Nature moulded for nobler uses?

And she waited, hoping he would think of friendlier words to speak, now that his resentment had been voiced.

The Tyrians, forgetful of their long-standing alliance with the house of David, behaved in no friendlier manner.

And which of the two would you take to be the more united people—the friendlier among themselves?

He was smiling, and any time these four years the town would have told you there wasn't a friendlier smile inside the city limits.

They ate supper, and so forth, and the baby got a little friendlier.

The boys of Grey Fox always wanted to use a friendlier name than a 'Mr.' but they never came to it.

But a second and a third reading of the notices made them seem friendlier than at first.