Friendliest [adjective]

Definition of Friendliest:

intimate, companionable

Opposite/Antonyms of Friendliest:

Sentence/Example of Friendliest:

A new swimmer-friendly wristband called “solo loop” uses stretchy silicone instead of clasps.

To check whether your page is mobile-friendly, visit Google’s mobile-friendly test, and submit a URL.

This was the early 1980s, so it was a more friendly time in a way.

Anyone from anywhere can participate, and the event agenda includes time zone-friendly programming for attendees in Europe and Asia.

Products like animal-friendly alcohol-free sanitizers, imported strong-strapped masks, and immunity-boosting treats have become popular on e-commerce portals and stores in urban India.

Making an event social media friendly is a huge factor in promoting engagement and getting more young donors in the room.

Could this be the safe old house in which childish days had passed, in which all around were always friendly and familiar faces?

He put out his hand in the most cordial and friendly way, and greeted me with the most winning smile in the world.

Once he had galloped up to the open door, looked in, spoken in a friendly way to her, and ridden on.

Villerias had another quarrel of this sort with the latter, after which they were quite friendly.