Frigate [noun]

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The Portuguese frigate Cine captured by the Algerines, after a smart action.

Desperate engagement between an Algerine cruiser of 18 guns, well manned, and a Corsican frigate of 26 nine and twelve pounders.

He therefore fitted five out of near thirty small prizes to accompany him, and built a galley frigate to land with.

Governor Letcher of Virginia ordered that this ship be raised and be converted into an effective, usable frigate.

There is good reason to believe that we have taken the Iphigenie, a French frigate.

The officers and men of the frigate were so upset by the sudden dash and attack that they did not know what to do.

Then, with a quick turn of the helm, the little brig swung round like a top across the frigate's bows.

But it soon proved that the deer was faster than the hound, and so Captain Jones began to play with the big frigate.

After he had all the fun he wanted out of the lumbering frigate, he spread all sail again and soon left her out of sight.

Sailing along the coast of Canada he came upon a fleet of coal vessels, with a British frigate to take care of them.