Frightfully [adverb]

Definition of Frightfully:


Opposite/Antonyms of Frightfully:

Sentence/Example of Frightfully:

He was naturally frightfully upset about it, and a regular panic sprang up in the neighbourhood.

The news caused general concern throughout the house, and Ethne was frightfully upset.

(Looking from one to the other) Has anything else frightfully exciting happened to you since lunch?

When I entered his room at nine on the following morning he was frightfully pale, but seemed calm.

Large drops of perspiration stood on Jacob Worse's nose, as he lay back in his chair, with his mouth open, snoring frightfully.

The road for a distance of twenty-five miles led through an almost constant succession of towns and was frightfully dusty.

I've wanted for years to see the inside of this house, but I was frightfully afraid of your—your uncle.

Sometimes the man in the fez, hardly able to hold himself upright, would bring them home frightfully sick.

It was frightfully hard work getting all this into any intelligible form of words; getting it down at all was difficult.

By my sword, the Sweetheart of the Faith, never did frogs at a mid-summer drought croak more frightfully than those scamps.