Frills [noun]

Definition of Frills:

luxury, nice touch

Synonyms of Frills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frills:

Sentence/Example of Frills:

No frills, no expensive casket, no embalming or intervention, just that beautiful moment with a community and their dead.

This genus appears to be nearly allied to the Agamae, but differs from them in the peculiar frill that is appended to the neck.

Finish off with a button and loop, and flute the frill on each side over the finger to make it set.

As the vessel cuts through the water she raises a frill of foam on either side—what the sailors call "a bone in her mouth."

Mrs. Lawrence laid her smoothing hand absently on a frill of lace fichu above a sternly disciplined bosom at half-heave. '

He was, however, a prodigious dandy, and wore a lace frill and embroidered waistcoat.

Where the stream runs shallower it is a kind of violet colour, but both violet and green fray and frill to white as they fall.

Just before being served, a paper frill may be placed over the bone of a chop of this kind.

The blossoms were lifted from her head, and in their place a little black straw hat with a frill of black tulle was pinned.

It has a small square collar, something like that of a riding habit, and a full frill of narrow lace standing up.