Frilly [adjective]

Definition of Frilly:

delicate, netlike

Synonyms of Frilly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frilly:



Sentence/Example of Frilly:

To her new-fangled dress, frilly about the hips and tight below the knees, June took a sudden liking—a charming colour, flax-blue.

When she was asleep, he said, he would hop on to the frilly things of her night-gown and peck at her mouth.

Lily looked like nothing but a very frilly, sweet, white flower.

She came down soon, wearing a loose, frilly, wrapperlike garment which hid her figure.

From it emerged Mildred and Nan in all the glory of fresh and frilly lawns and the latest in hats from a Louisville milliner.

My pincushions are as much a part of the equipment of a desk as the writing things, and they aren't frilly, ugly things.

“Office notions are not so nice as the frilly, cry-on-a-shoulder-when-the-biscuits-burn notions,” she would end, dolefully.

You must have known Cruthers—he was always saying that kind of frilly things to the boys.

Why, the very way she manipulates that frilly napkin reconciles me to my food.

But Mr. Nixon was totally absorbed in retying the strings on the babys frilly bonnet.