Fringing [verb]

Definition of Fringing:

touch; border on

Synonyms of Fringing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fringing:

Sentence/Example of Fringing:

The on-the-fly evolution of several standardized processes did carry some fringe benefits, according to both the developers and actors.

Even with the loopholes, many conservatives are instead turning to more fringe social media platforms, such as Gab and Parler.

The science’s consistent results have helped erode the stigma surrounding hallucinogens and taken them beyond the province of hippies, military experiments, and fringe academics.

This alignment would keep Ryne Harper, Kyle McGowin, Dakota Bacus and James Bourque as depth options out of the minors, though McGowin did impress after evolving from fringe starter to slider-dependent reliever.

There, on the fringes of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, hundreds of workers are building two new power generation units to supply more electricity to the 2 million–plus residents of Hohhot, the regional capital.

In the 15 or so years I’ve been living here I’ve seen the holiday grow from a fringe curiosity celebrated by American expats to a full-blown cultural phenomenon.

Since his days at Webmind, Goertzel has courted the media as a figurehead for the AGI fringe.

He believed fringe combatants in America’s left-right divide were headed for civil war.

SITE Intelligence Group, meanwhile, found threats to Whitmer and government officials generally on fringe social media sites, such as 8kun.

I mean, it’s a pretty fringe group and you wouldn’t know anything about them if you weren’t super online.