Frippery [noun]

Definition of Frippery:

waste, nonsense

Synonyms of Frippery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frippery:

Sentence/Example of Frippery:

That sort of affectation is if possible even more disgusting than the painfully elaborate frippery of the dandy.

In the room below, amidst the tinsel frippery of small wares, waited others whose lives had touched the life that was ebbing away.

It was annoying to see Gothic grandeur and modern frippery so mingled as was observable in this church.

It may be, child, for anything that I know; because I do not know what part of all this frippery thy pompon is.

The millener gathered up her frippery, and put them into a band-box; telling her, she would wait on her ladyship again.

It was L-shaped, with numerous irregularities of plan, and entirely without frippery of applied ornament.

He looked like one who goes forth a-wooing, in all the gay frippery supposed to be pleasing in a maiden's eyes.

I know all about his breeding—by Stormcloud out of Frippery—but he never ran to his breeding before.

Not like our Tuscan ones; wretched things, mainly tinsel and shabby frippery.

Through the frippery of this market-place we reached the homelier atmosphere of Holborn.