Friskiest [adjective]

Definition of Friskiest:

full of spirit

Synonyms of Friskiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Friskiest:

Sentence/Example of Friskiest:

He chewed the ears off a squeaky pink stuffed rabbit and now parades around the house with its earless body whenever he’s at his friskiest.

The vibrant colors and frisky attitude mask Friedman’s outlook, but she sees the “inherent tension” of a coiled metal blade as a metaphor for the country’s current plight.

He is a frisky dog and often chases the horses and buggies that go up and down the road in front of the house.

When we reached the corner we saw the frisky trio nosing along the road and moving slowly to the east.

A frisky young mother is an awful responsibility for a girl, and I should hate to have to ask anyone's intentions about my Mamma!

Anne had no time to applaud for a frisky bass had attached himself to her line at the identical moment.

Marjorie had a horse made of a carrot, which looked like a very frisky steed, indeed.

The little fellow was apparently about a month old, and was as frisky and awkward in his movements as a young puppy.

To restrain this frisky animal had required all Bonnyboy's strength, and he stood wiping his brow with the sleeve of his shirt.

There being two of them and both so small and frisky, they confused the beast so he did not think as quickly as usual.