Friskiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Friskiness:

The Forbes affair transcends friskiness and becomes the beginning of the pace that kills.

She frisked with the others of her kind; but her friskiness was intermittent and never frivolous.

The word is applied to the friskiness or wantonness of animals, and it is very easy to understand its application.

I left him, however, to make his own comments upon my friskiness without affording him the smallest assistance.

He said the horse I rode, from its friskiness, and natural desire to "get there, Eli!"

The lightness, almost friskiness, of their tone cannot fail to strike the reader.

Even in the unhistorically minded Shakespeare, the freak is of the most eccentric,—but in Bacon this friskiness is indeed strange.

Just then a colt, full of life and friskiness, jumped over the ditches and then stopped suddenly, as if surprised at being alone.

Of course a good deal of this friskiness comes of my being in sight of land—on the Webster & Co. debts, I mean.

She had none of the friskiness commonly belonging to black children; she was anything but a Topsy.