Frittering [verb]

Definition of Frittering:

waste away

Synonyms of Frittering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frittering:





Sentence/Example of Frittering:

Fry on hot greased griddle, taking one spoonful batter for each fritter, or fry in deep hot fat.

Stir into plain fritter batter, and drop by spoonfuls into deep hot fat, turning gently until brown.

They fear the worst, dread failure, dampen their own confidence, and therefore fritter away their own energy.

Louise and Winona had become so excited about their dinner by this time that a mere fritter-sauce was nothing.

I repeat that you fritter away your talents and your opportunities upon this miserable task-work on a journal.

Drop the batter by the spoonful into hot lard, taking care to have a slice of apple in each fritter.

Do not fritter away strength in trifles; begin at once upon the duties which call for instant obedience.

The above Egg Fritter mixture made rather moist may be used as a filling for savoury patties.

Have the lard hot in the skillet, allow a tablespoon to each fritter, fry brown on each side, then turn same as griddle cakes.

It seemed to him a little like 'babying' to fritter away the few minutes remaining in safety play.