Frizzled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frizzled:

The hair was deep black, thick, and frizzled; the skull broad and high; the lips full and swollen.

Their heads were made of paste-board, and of an enormous size, frizzled and dressed in the fashion.

The body is always deprived of hair; there is little or no beard; the hair of the head is black, woolly, and frizzled.

Prepared according to this recipe, frizzled beef will be found both nutritious and appetizing.

Ka-kee-ta with his ax and a proud tilt to his frizzled head became a familiar sight in Waloo.

He looks dreadfully burned, and his hair is all funny and frizzled.

His poor mother caught him the moment he came in, and pulled off his hat and his opera-cloak, and frizzled up his curls for him.

A juicier steak never sat on a gridiron; fatter oysters never frizzled with the pure bubble of goodness.

In 1789 the hair began to be worn frizzled in a close bush all over, with pendant curls on the back and shoulders (Fig. 5).

"Now go, sir," cried the man, finally tossing the frizzled stump of the switch out through the window.