Frizzly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frizzly:

At its southwestern end we find the most long-headed, prognathous, frizzly-haired, dark-skinned race of mankind.

Hair short, black or reddish brown, frizzly, flattened-elliptical in cross-section.

Their skin was of a very dark brown colour, their hair frizzly, and the nose flat.

This looked odd, considering that the rest of her hair was erect or frizzly.

Mr. Barrett's coat was quite unbuttoned; the curl on his wide brow had grown as frizzly as any common curl might grow.

The face is adorned with a beard of the same frizzly nature as the hair of the head.

The hair of the head is very luxuriant, and of all varieties between wavy and curly, but is not crisp or frizzly to any degree.

Portrait of Rembrandt, with frizzly hair, and the head uncovered; remarkable for thick lips and a large nose.

Their frizzly hair is tied in a bench at the back of the head.

The natives were low of stature, with ugly broad faces, flat noses, and frizzly hair.