Frocks [noun]

Definition of Frocks:

women's garment

Synonyms of Frocks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frocks:


Sentence/Example of Frocks:

Movement to know that she was attired in appropriate costume—short frock, biped continuations and a mannish oil-skin hat.

At eighteen years of age I had my first frock coat and tall hat.

Now, go and mend that deplorable frock, and if you don't dream over it, you won't waste too much of your holiday.

There were eunuchs too, black frock-coated—and the chief eunuch, an important personage who ranks very high.

Nothing bad (she had already acclaimed it to Amy and Jessie) could happen to her with that frock on.

A roket, or rochet, is a loose linen frock synonymous with sukkenye.

It was therefore a loose frock, probably made, in this case, of fine linen.

Mandy Ann had put on her best frock, a white one, stiff with starch, and standing out like a small balloon.

The women, in-doors, wear a kind of frock which leaves the bosom much exposed.

He is dressed in a long, black frock-coat reaching nearly to his heels.