Frog [noun]

Definition of Frog:

jumping amphibian

Synonyms of Frog:

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Sentence/Example of Frog:

I was expecting that the frogs might just spit out the beetles or something.

Caecilians are amphibians like salamanders and frogs, but they’re often mistaken for snakes because of their long, legless bodies.

So does the blue-ringed octopus, some crabs and starfish, not to mention certain flatworms, frogs and toads.

For instance, ketchup and frog saliva both get thinner when force is applied to them.

Fluorescence may help salamanders and frogs find one another in low light.

A was an Archer, who shot at a frog; B was a Butcher, and had a great dog.

He looked over his shoulder at Matt, then promptly jumped into the rocks and started for Frog Tanks cross-lots.

When they had toiled up the bank to a level stretch, he let the roadster out, and they went through Frog Tanks like a red streak.

Yet, be that as it might, both men vanished from Frog Tanks and were never afterward located.

His face was, moreover, mottled with dusky spots, so that he reminded the spectator of a frog or a toad.