Frolicked [verb]

Definition of Frolicked:

have fun, make merry

Synonyms of Frolicked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frolicked:


Sentence/Example of Frolicked:

She wished a Halloween frolic, but whether she frolicked at home or in the village mattered not at all.

The vole found quite a shoal of fish collected near the reeds; and for a few moments he frolicked about the edge of the shallow.

She laughed, sung, and frolicked round the room like a sportive child, and yet she could scarcely define her own emotions.

An entire brigade of burglars might have entered the cottage and frolicked among its treasures without any difficulty.

The streams that frolicked to nimble tunes in May now crawl from pool to pool.

Often they lifted the soft hair from the brows of the children, and frolicked amid their curls, and fanned their sun-burnt cheeks.

The piano in the saloon carried away, and frolicked down the aisle between the tables: it was an ideal stage set for "Typhoon."

We ate and drank, we slumbered awhile, then joked and frolicked for five hours on end, or possibly six.

The light was uncertain, and a little fitful wind frolicked across the range in a way very disturbing to a bowman's nerves.

A faint breeze frolicked now and then upon the ridge, fluttering the honeysuckle and the pages of an open book upon the table.