Frolicking [verb]

Definition of Frolicking:

have fun, make merry

Synonyms of Frolicking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frolicking:


Sentence/Example of Frolicking:

On the plus side, defensive end Zach Harrison did return, having missed the New Orleans frolics in the Clemson backfield.

And, before heading home, stood in a starburst of sunshine while a dolphin frolicked at my feet.

The conditioning that gently rubs off onto girls, as young little flowers, being told to “pull down your dress, they can see your knickers” as She of 3, frolics in the playground —disconnected to her body,because She is a child — a part of play.

We swapped stories of the old days, when people gathered in large groups, without a single piece of PPE, to listen to concerts, watch sports, or frolic on a beach.

Like a swan's breast the white sail swelled below the streamers frolicking in the wind.

They are laughing and frolicking on the grass, as they go along.

Awaiting their return, the little foxes were playing and frolicking silently around the den.

In the first years of his frolicking life he loved also to astound Rome, and succeeded a number of times.

And in the household there were two merry, frolicking boys, and a sweet little girl, with her mother's eyes.

Half-an-hour later, no one would have recognised us; we were chatting and frolicking like children.