Frolicsome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frolicsome:

You have made a transition from the frolicsome allegretto of the bachelor to the heavy andante of the father of a family.

They acted like boys—more mischievous than boys in their most frolicsome moods.

He found a beautiful animal, with a frolicsome spirit, and I felt that I should prove at least a good part of the exhibition.

She, at first, took what I said jocosely; and in her frolicsome humor, did and said things which made me die of love.

Both coaches were quickly surrounded by bowing gentlemen, young gallants, and frolicsome students.

Always charmingly dressed and delightfully vivacious, she floated from house to house in a frolicsome fairy kind of way.

Candeille had taken it into her frolicsome little head that she would like to go to London.

There was an absence of the frolicsome spirit so often seen among boys when in swimming.

For traveling companion he had a young warrior of agreeable mien, bold and mercurial, alert and frolicsome.

Despite the usual stoicism and indifference of their race, the braves were as frolicsome as so many school-boys.