From [preposition]

Definition of From:

outside of, separating

Synonyms of From:

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Sentence/Example of From:

They have a nodding-from-a-motor-acquaintance with it but I like a real handshake-friendship with it.

Once more we found ourselves in the far-from-delectable town of Cape François.

It was no good trying some tricky approach; his best bet was the straight-from-the-shoulder bit.

Now the fugitive-from-labor clause must be interpreted in part by the light of the Purpose of the Constitution.

And again came that scent of cigar smoke-from the old saturated leather.

She ran to impressive realistic fiction in literature and to the kind of fresh-from-the-soil art which Eugene represented.

I saw before me only the outline of a large building, indistinct and gloomy, and a small open door dimly lighted-from within.

One of the real Cob family; the driving-from-the-sixth-tee, inset-on-the-right, and New-Year's-message-to-the-country touch.

"Come f-f-f-f-from the e-e-e-earth getting a t-t-t-t-tummy ache," sagely announced Ding-dong Bell.

I began almost immediately to experience that far-from-home sensation of which Humpty-Dumpty speaks with so much feeling.