Frond [noun]

Definition of Frond:

green foliage of plant

Synonyms of Frond:

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Sentence/Example of Frond:

The recipe calls for three-quarters of a cup of dill fronds, but I’ve used more.

To keep the frond in position it may be useful to put a book on the paper as it is spread out.

Suddenly, however, I thought I detected a slight movement in a bracken frond beside the furze.

Each frond is composed of slender interwoven fibres with club-shaped filaments passing vertically to the surface.

Its frond is tubular, and the spore-clusters are situated on the tips of the branches, surrounded by a whorl of small branchlets.

The frond contains a single tube, and is jointed and forked, the joints being usually transparent.

The tetraspores are either in cells at the edges of the frond or collected together in compact groups.

The frond is very variable in form, being sometimes divided into very narrow segments, and sometimes quite undivided.

The spores are on radiating threads, in globular conceptacles; and the tetraspores are in the outer divisions of the frond.

A third species (P. palmettoides) has a very bright-red frond and an expanded root.