Frondeur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frondeur:

The loss was indeed serious; for the young orator was far more than a frondeur.

By this repressive policy the frondeur spirit of the Noblesse was revived, and it has continued to exist down to the present time.

Then suddenly he added, "Apropos, have you heard that Eugne has become one of the leaders of these frondeur madmen?"

Some one had once called him a frondeur; he was greatly delighted with that name.

Guy Patin is, in short, a systematic grumbler, a regular frondeur; but it is chiefly in talk and speculation.

Diana dismissed it with contempt, as the shaft of a frondeur discredited by both parties.

They gave him his choice of three names, l'Ennuy, le Frondeur, or le Blas.

Tallemant says that the Marquis "avait terriblement d'esprit, mais un peu frondeur."