Frontage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frontage:

It has a frontage of one hundred feet on the Via Appia, and an extension in agro of two hundred and thirty feet.

It has a frontage of seventy-four feet on Main street, and is sixty-five feet deep.

It had a high wall frontage of about three hundred and fifty feet.

A hole was dug in the ground, with a frontage toward the wind.

It is a long log and frame building, situate on the south side of the road, with a porch extending along its entire frontage.

The Exposition area covers 635 acres of ground, having a frontage of two miles on the bay immediately inside of the Golden Gate.

It was still in good condition and Cameron held three hundred acres of the river frontage there.

That means the frontage will have to be in the little back street behind, on the shady side.

There was a sixty-foot frontage of that shed on the Avenue, and I saw right off that it was just a natural signboard.

A long frontage of lamp-lit quays was on our left, with here and there the vague hull of a steamer alongside.