Frontiersmen [noun]

Definition of Frontiersmen:

wilderness dweller

Synonyms of Frontiersmen:

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Sentence/Example of Frontiersmen:

In their company Jack Kilmeny was frankly a Western frontiersman.

The new sentry's zeal, joined with an ex-frontiersman's aim, was fatal.

Jim Beckwourth was our guide—a life-long frontiersman, an old man “beated and chopped with tanned antiquity.”

For the stratum of frontiersman and barbarian—not to say savage—lies just below the surface in us all, and a scratch exposes it.

Wayne was the son of a Pennsylvania frontiersman and came honestly by his aptitude for Indian fighting.

The tree reached, the frontiersman threw back the flat rock and brought forth the message left by the great scout.

In a moment more Dan Gilbert, a heavy-set, pleasant-looking frontiersman, stood among them.

When daylight came the few stragglers yet to be seen fell under the unerring aim of the frontiersman's rifle.

His race and his naked journey across the mountains show the courage and hardihood of the frontiersman of the day.

Joseph R. Walker, frontiersman and explorer, claims to have discovered the valley in 1833.