Frostbite [noun]

Definition of Frostbite:

frigid conditions

Synonyms of Frostbite:

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Sentence/Example of Frostbite:

Frozen toes at the bottom of your sleeping bag, the fear of frostbite looming in the back of your mind, and the ever-present possibility that you didn’t bring enough layers.

Don’t rub frostbitten fleshIt’s only natural to rub your hands together when they are cold, but this isn’t a wise thing to do when your tissues are suffering from frostbite.

Except for a touch of frostbite on his toes and fingers, Barrent was all right.

They had not been able to frostbite her yet because she had been too young; but they would get her presently.

The cold burned our cheeks a fierce brick-red, and a frostbite showed on them like a patch of white putty.

To expose flesh was to feel instantly the sharp sting that heralds frostbite.

The fun of snow-shoeing, mitigated by frostbite, quickly degenerated from a sport into a mere means of locomotion.

On account of its affinity for the fire it is invoked by the doctor in all “fire diseases,” including sore eyes and frostbite.

I had risings on my feet and my feet frostbite till they was solid sores.

Dysentery abated and the flies vanished, but gale and storm carried on the strain, and frostbite was added to the men's trials.