Frostiness [noun]

Definition of Frostiness:


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Sentence/Example of Frostiness:

It was very chilly, and they had brought along no wraps to protect them from the frostiness of the upper air.

She had been crying, but the tears had frozen to pearls on her cheeks, and filled her eyelashes with delicate frostiness.

To Mrs. Blackwell's dismay, he raised one of the dining-room windows, admitting a pungent frostiness of October evening.

Even the color due to the frostiness of the outdoor air was replaced by an angry pallor.

The day was a sour November day—with the half-mist and half-frostiness that sometimes ushers in the Paris winter.

Owing to these circumstances, Delaherche at last began to lay aside his frostiness of manner.

Pray think of me as a young person of sobriety; collected, discreet, cold to frostiness.

The air, which was very still, had a frostiness to it that nipped Juhani's nose and face.

"Very well," returned his lordship, with a sudden frostiness of manner.

The professor gripped my hand, and his cool black eyes gazed into mine with a kind of friendly frostiness.