Frosting [noun]

Definition of Frosting:


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Sentence/Example of Frosting:

He took the time to make, from scratch, a heart-shaped chocolate cake with home-made, chocolate ganache frosting.

Marriage ought to have some frosting besides what's on the wedding cake.

I think a tomato can sandwich, and some brown paper cake with paste frosting on would be nice.

The logs are the soft, brown color of good gingerbread, and the little windows must be made of sugar frosting.

Cover with plain white frosting and ornament with icing in any desired way.

Much of the surface was crusted with a fine frosting; it was full of wells deep enough to sink a man in.

One pound of frosting sugar, juice of one lemon and one orange, grate rind of orange.

Bake in a shallow pan about twenty minutes and then frost with plain cocoa frosting.

Cover the pan and when the chocolate melts stir into the frosting and add vanilla and spread upon the cake.

And the white of Sir Christopher's vest and snowy gauntlets was just as gleamingly clean as the icy frosting over the hills.