Froths [noun]

Definition of Froths:

lather, bubbles

Synonyms of Froths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Froths:


Sentence/Example of Froths:

They see froth, and even misconduct, everywhere, and believe asset prices are greatly inflated.

There’s an area of the moon that looks like a bowl of mercury droplets, and this volcanic froth may be just 100 million years old.

Physicists worked out the abstract rules governing how these particles interact, and those rules revealed another view of the cosmos — as an eruption from the froth of fundamental fields.

But there was a breeze blowing, a choppy, stiff wind that whipped the water into froth.

Yet, if one looks closely, under the froth and foppery, some of the charm and perception of the man still shines through.

But Lauras brother and his chum declared that theyd got em all beat to a stiff froth!

The sallowness of his complexion was gone, but the short locks of hair about his ears were as white as froth.

No green or liquid water visible anywhere; all froth and fury, with force tremendous everywhere.

They raised him up; and, as he was seated, his head again sunk on his shoulder, and some froth came from his mouth.

Pass them through a sieve, add four eggs, beat the whites to a stiff froth, season with a little salt and dust of cayenne.