Froufrou [adjective]

Definition of Froufrou:

extravagant, ornamental

Synonyms of Froufrou:

Opposite/Antonyms of Froufrou:

Sentence/Example of Froufrou:

Nothing so tear-compelling as the final act of Froufrou had been seen on the stage for half a century or more.

The death of Froufrou was a watery sight, and for any chance to weep we are many of us grateful.

I saw her pass down the hall like a queen, her head in the air, and her pink silk dress froufrou-ing deliciously.

The sob of the saxophone came through the window near by, the froufrou of the dancers made a soft susurration faintly audible.

The performance only began at three, and finished at half-past six o'clock; we started again at eight with Froufrou.