Frugal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frugal:

He was of frugal and temperate habits, a wiry man at the height of his physical powers, with lean flanks and a deep chest.

"He'll do until the doctor comes to-morrow," said Seth, as he presently found Barrington at the frugal meal.

They are, however, happy on account of their simple manners and frugal way of life.

Truphemy not knowing him, he was pointed out partaking of a frugal breakfast with the family.

Both were frugal men, and they now decided to invest all their funds in the scheme, which promised to make or break them.

John Gilpin kissed his loving wife; o'erjoyed was he to find That, though on pleasure she was bent, she had a frugal mind.

One year before when Mr. Mitchell's bill was seven thousand dollars, Mr. Croker, being in a frugal mood, felt excessively pained.

They are represented as farmers and stock-raisers, frugal, industrious, and less addicted to intemperance than their neighbors.

The Kimper family thinned out, numerically, as soon as the frugal evening meal was despatched.

So long as we are warm enough we may relish a very frugal dinner, but a feast is unappetizing in a cold room.