Fruit [noun]

Definition of Fruit:

edible part of vegetative growth developed after flowering

Synonyms of Fruit:

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Sentence/Example of Fruit:

Sugars and starches are found in fruits, bread, potatoes and vegetables.

Probably the lowest hanging fruit in the search world is simply paying attention to what it is that search engines are looking for and focussing on delivering there.

More than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts sold in the United States are grown here, often using pesticides.

Berni bred new fruit flies and built much bigger agar arenas to run much longer tracking experiments.

In the end, build a huge and healthy link profile around your low-hanging fruits.

Inside a series of tubes in a bright, warm room at Harvard Medical School, hundreds of fruit flies are staying up late.

Several species of fruit bats in Southeast Asia carry that virus without getting sick.

In many cases, where there are large areas of production that are associated with producing fruits and vegetables, there also will be big packing plants that are making tomato paste or ketchup.

That helps because the cell walls in fruits and vegetables contain pectin.

I’m currently working on a portable work platform I can attach to my tractor and use for trimming fruit trees and picking fruit.