Fruitiest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fruitiest:

Rosé is my go-to for hotter foods such as Sichuan, but fruitier, less tannic reds such as Loire cabernet francs and beaujolais can work, too.

This oatmeal with maple syrup and pears is similarly fruity and lightly sweet.

The intact grapes ferment on the inside, eventually bursting and producing effusively fruity aromas and flavors.

With a name ripped from last year’s headlines and labeled “medium dry,” this one is slightly sweet and very fruity.

Some analysts have argued, however, that accelerated aging may struggle to replicate processes such as oxidation and esterification, which produce fruity aromas.

These beans from Cloudburst are roasted in California, and once they arrive in your cup, they’re fruity and sweet with notes of toffee.

This second poison perfumes the corpse and leaves it smelling with a fruity odor.

Opossums did not keep to the river; they loved the fruity old garden, and stuck to it in spite of dogs and guns.

They will come out nice little shapes of fruity rice, quite different from the previous pudding.

The atmosphere was delicious with fruity odors, in which the breath of late flowers mingled in sensuous richness.