Fruitless [adjective]

Definition of Fruitless:

bringing no advantage, product

Synonyms of Fruitless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fruitless:

Sentence/Example of Fruitless:

Work in other labs has similarly shown that attempting to predict plateaus in the epidemic curve over the long term is just as fruitless.

Going into 2021, the idea of New Year’s resolutions can seem fruitless.

Several more fruitless rounds of talks to settle an official border have taken place.

His search has always hitherto been fruitless, and he has sunk back, disheartened, into the sea.

Our progress became monotonous, a succession of fruitless attempts to advance; hopeless, like wandering in a subtle maze.

After this, I made several attempts to give her the Small-pox by inoculation, but they all proved fruitless.

Nothing could be more simple, more just, more useful; but his efforts were fruitless.

Abercrombie, finding the attack fruitless, ordered a retreat after a contest of near four hours.

Joe did not take the matter seriously, though he was disappointed at having made a fruitless trip to San Jose.

They were favourable, and I heartily prayed to Bhowanee that they might not deceive us again into a fruitless expedition.