Fruitlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fruitlessness:

Every moment the jester expected an outcry; the announcement of the fruitlessness of the attack, but the morio made no sound.

And yet, for all its fruitlessness, that prattle about art gave them a valid claim on our respect.

Here you have explained the fruitlessness, indeed the paralysis, of many a pulpit.

Will it be to see these people, to reason with them, to explain to them the fruitlessness of what they are doing?

And Nigel Merriton, whose guest the man was, must of necessity be told the fruitlessness of the searchers' self-appointed task.

It is a wise lesson from a master preacher, and half of the fruitlessness of modern preaching is due to the neglect of it.

At length, convinced of the fruitlessness of his efforts, he flew off to seek some more easily procurable food.

Experience constantly showed him the fruitlessness of his efforts, but he paid no attention to its teachings.

A death-bed repentance has become proverbial for its fruitlessness, and a death-bed forgiveness61 equally so.

The fruitlessness and vanity of war appear in the great conflicts by which the world has been lacerated.