Frumpish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frumpish:

There were numbers of things to be done which did not involve frumpish utilitarian costumes, all caps and aprons.

The niece, rustic and gawky; the companion sour and frumpish.

I love society, and you only care to associate with dowdy, frumpish people.

And this frumpish old woman sailed out of the chamber in a great fume.

Mrs. Flint was a rather frumpish individual, who always gave the impression of pieced-out dressmaking.

A woman is frumpish and old-fashioned if she does not know that "adultery with one paramour is nick-named marriage."

He was remarkably frumpish with the fog, which almost blinded us till the sun rose.

The bears came next, horrid cunning white things, and turning in their toes like that does give them such a frumpish look.

It does seem odd and frumpish not to be in Scotland, but motoring covers a multitude of social sins.

She really looks a little frumpish out-of-doors, and perhaps that is why papa went on to Mrs. Carruthers.