Frustrates [verb]

Definition of Frustrates:

thwart, disappoint

Synonyms of Frustrates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frustrates:

Sentence/Example of Frustrates:

The technology prevents brief silence between songs, which could frustrate listeners and cause them to switch to a rival.

Rivera has grown increasingly frustrated by the response to the pandemic from many industry leaders.

It is in the shadow of that rule that so many of our other policy debates come to naught, leaving voters frustrated and confused.

As a first-year graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, Manthiram remembers being frustrated that his experiments weren’t turning out as expected.

The class was especially intrigued by recent molecular analysis of pottery, yet frustrated by the brevity of the studies done to date on the topic.

Kanukollu, who has a background in commerce, started to explore the idea about UrbanKisaan in 2018 after being frustrated with not being able to buy fresh, pesticide-free vegetables for his mother, he said.

Some of that influence, while frustrating to live through, ultimately turned out to be incredibly helpful.

Your indomitable bravery will suffice to frustrate the attempt to carry out their plans.

Perrott, who wished to hunt out rather than pardon him, watched the ports so carefully as to frustrate many attempts at evasion.

Mussulmans took, of course, no precautions against it; for how could merely boiling the water frustrate the Will of Allah?