Frustrating [verb]

Definition of Frustrating:

thwart, disappoint

Synonyms of Frustrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frustrating:

Sentence/Example of Frustrating:

Many scientists are frustrated by the public’s inability to think like a scientist, but in fact it is neither easy nor always desirable to do so.

That frustrated our customers, led to more staff work, and doubtlessly cost us orders from folks who would rather get something from Amazon in two days than wait a week to support us.

Defenses that can switch all five players can frustrate the duo.

Everywhere I went, it seemed there was someone frustrated enough in their love life to take a chance on a date arranged by a complete stranger.

He said was frustrated when MTS officials proposed an amendment to the agency’s security agreement to increase wages for contractors to try to address challenges hiring and retaining security guards.

The challenges of going to the grocery store during the pandemic have been anger-inducing for Angela, and Stephen has been frustrated while cooped up at home.

Obama, frustrated with a Republican majority in Congress that he saw as needlessly obstinate, he often chose the latter.

When he was older, his father got frustrated that Madhav always left the lights on in his room when he went out.

If the designs of destiny were clear, it was equally evident that her friends were bent on frustrating them.

Humpy tried to grab it, but The Hopper, frustrating the attempt, read his colleague a sharp lesson in good manners.