Fuchsia [noun]

Definition of Fuchsia:

rose color

Synonyms of Fuchsia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuchsia:

Sentence/Example of Fuchsia:

The fuchsia took its name from Leonard Fuchs, a sixteenth-century botanist, the first German who really studied botany.

This caterpillar is found most often on certain kinds of Epilobium, but will also eat of the vine, fuchsia, and bed-straw.

It was afterwards reared on fuchsia, and produced a moth on August 18.

Anne sat down on the rocker with a long sigh, kissed one of Bonny's leaves, and waved her hand to a blossoming fuchsia.

He has obtained, says Hallam, a verdant immortality in the familiar flower which bears his name, the fuchsia.

I would like to exchange flower seeds for geranium and fuchsia slips, or ocean curiosities.

Here was the hedge of fuchsia; here the tamarisks on their high bank; here the entrance to Les Solitudes.

The car had climbed to the entrance of Les Solitudes and the fuchsia hedge was passing on each side.

Beyond the fuchsia bushes a sighing rose, where a continuous foamless wave felt the silences of the shore.

Once more, beyond the fuchsia bushes, the sea sighed, as it felt the long shore with a continuous foamless wave.