Fuddle [verb]

Definition of Fuddle:


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Sentence/Example of Fuddle:

Because he eats tallow candles and is happy when he can fuddle himself on bad liquor.

He could but compose the sort of thing the court wanted of him, and in order to that, had to fuddle his brains first, poor fellow!

Hamla Ombashi is a corporal of the transport service, and "fuddle" is to sit down.

Thee-ing and thou-ing till it is enough to fuddle a sober man's wits.

The horrid creatures are going to fuddle at the tea-garden, and get tipsy like their masters.

Nazinred and Mozwa had never seen anything of the kind before, or heard the strains of a “fuddle.”

Now you'll hear something you might have heard that first night when I had to fuddle you with tales of a seizure.

His head was a fuddle of bushy hair and whiskers, from which his eyes peered with a guilty slant.

We shall want very clear heads for what's in front of us, and I'm not going to fuddle mine for a commencement.

You'll give a body a furlough, by the way of blowing off the fuddle he has on hand?