Fuddled [adjective]

Definition of Fuddled:

exhibiting mental discomfort, ill at ease

Synonyms of Fuddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuddled:

Sentence/Example of Fuddled:

The suggestion sank through Dick's half-fuddled senses, and the scare it gave him was reflected on his face.

The baronet saw that Richard, half-fuddled, was ripe for any confidences that might aim at the destruction of his enemy.

Ugly wasn't a roarin' success as a producer—jist idled and fuddled until he got to be a man.

At the back of his fuddled brain lingered an idea that there was somebody who would be hurt.

He is respectably dressed—type of elderly retired butler; just now he is slightly and solemnly fuddled.

But the wish not to hurt Dodo became rather more pronounced in his poor fuddled brain.

But he also was drinking too much, and as his lips fuddled he had trouble with a very formal “without which.”

At midnight he arose, a mad, desperate plan looming through his fuddled brain.

In fact, he fuddled himself so that when the little gentleman called out 'Ho!

There was a wild expression in his eye, but the general glow of his visage was one of fuddled sottishness.