Fudge [verb]

Definition of Fudge:

fake, misrepresent

Synonyms of Fudge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fudge:

Sentence/Example of Fudge:

"Fudge on your everlasting knitting," said Sal, snatching the sock from Mary's hands and making the needles fly nimbly.

They opened the packages of luncheon and ate with ravenous appetites, finishing off with fudge and cheese sticks.

"Here, eat this and stop quarreling," interrupted Molly, thrusting a plate of fudge before them.

Donald smiled to himself at the thought of the hard-case Bluenose mate having a penchant for chocolate “fudge.”

If mother happened to be out of chocolate, which sometimes occurred, Betsey made a fudge with cocoa or coffee.

Next she cut them into small pieces and they were ready for the fudge, which she proceeded to make in the usual manner.

Betsey learned that the longer you beat this fudge the more creamy it became and it gave a high gloss when cold.

Removing from the fire, Betsey beat the fudge until it began to sugar, then she added the butter and chopped nuts.

The farewell "fudge" party was for Gertrude, and given in her own room by a score of her warm personal friends.

The Vassar girl has a sweet tooth, and "fudge" parties always evolve love stories and fun in abundance.