Fueled [verb]

Definition of Fueled:

give energy to

Synonyms of Fueled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fueled:

Sentence/Example of Fueled:

All of them were fueled with liquid HNO3, which makes a pretty good fuel in an atmosphere that is predominantly methane.

"As soon as we have re-fueled, sir," replied the Senior American Officer; and that remained the keynote of all their activities.

When Willie appeared, prompt to the moment, he found his plane oiled, fueled and ready for flight.

The fires were plentifully fueled with dry branches and stalks.

The field men had the rocket fueled up and provisioned to go.

Now one had been fueled and was blasting alongside its carrier ship with a skeleton crew.

We have grown into an experiment in democratic diversity fueled by openness and promise.

Mine shafts were up to thirty feet deep and necessitated the use of chalk lamps fueled by animal fat with wicks of moss.

He has big amphibian plane kept fueled and ready for long trip.

"Let's make it fast," Fannia said, after Donnaught had fueled the ship.