Fueling [verb]

Definition of Fueling:

give energy to

Synonyms of Fueling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fueling:

Sentence/Example of Fueling:

From below came a vibrational rushing noise, nearly subsonic, which told him of the fueling operation.

Next morning (the 16th) after fueling up we took off (with the ground crew) for the Homeward trip.

Service mechs were just re-housing fueling lines into a ground panel as the troopers walked up.

But fueling it was so completely standard an operation that they merely stood by absently while it went on.

In the underground storage and fueling pits, where all the fuel for the pushpots is kept in bulk, there are different tanks too.

The following cities have been selected, as manufacturing centers, termini of railroads, or fueling ports for steamers.

I was working on the fueling station out on Io, and the screen just went haywire.

It would take off almost horizontally—a great advantage in fueling matters.

The engineer was overseeing the fueling process on a big rocket.

Harper led him to the office, where the whining of fueling pumps was silenced.