Fuelled [verb]

Definition of Fuelled:

give energy to

Synonyms of Fuelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuelled:

Sentence/Example of Fuelled:

Pilots measure fuel by weight, not volume, since the volume can change in response to temperature.

We know the economic and environmental costs of continuing to burn fossil fuels will be devastating.

In order to really start displacing fossil fuels, it needs support.

The last bit of news added the equivalent of rocket fuel to his fortune.

Traffic congestion alone is estimated to cost the average driver $1,400 in fuel and time spent commuting, a nationwide tally of more than $160 billion per year.

The stellar explosions are triggered when a massive star exhausts its fuel and its core collapses and rebounds.

A wooden pole is also a piece of gear that can legitimately be used as fuel.

If successful, effective value exchanges fuel authentications, which then fuel increased addressability and positive business outcomes, including revenue.

In addition to crushing demand for fuel, the pandemic has also hit Aramco’s refining and chemicals businesses.

Moments of urgency or crisis can give misinformation more fuel, even among people who should know better.