Fuelling [verb]

Definition of Fuelling:

give energy to

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Sentence/Example of Fuelling:

About 238,540 pounds of fuelThat was the quantity of fuel that the aircraft had on board for Subramaniam’s flight from Singapore to New York last week.

The fuel is at a “pivotal moment,” according to the IEA’s executive director, Fatih Birol.

The university’s plan shows a complete divestment from fossil fuel companies over the next 10 years.

The same survey found 59% of respondents want to see renewable energy play a bigger role in the country’s post-pandemic recovery, but last month Canberra rolled out a raft of recovery policies that support growth in gas and other fossil fuels.

At least theoretically, Moon water could be mined and then separated into hydrogen and oxygen, with the former being used for fuel.

As an essential resource not only for mixing Tang cocktails and taking showers, but also for creating oxygen and rocket fuel, water will power space exploration.

Elmer and Andrew Keatts reported last week that City Councilwoman Barbara Bry, along with her husband, hold an awful lot of stock in fossil fuel companies.

One of the biggest drivers of energy migration from fossil fuels to electricity, Tricoire said, will be electric vehicles.

Pension funds, which are pools of investments that pay for worker retirements, usually hold a lot of debt tied to fossil fuels, he said.

Bry disclosed her ownership of the company and other major investments, both personal and via her spouse, in fossil fuel companies earlier this year.