Fugue [noun]

Definition of Fugue:

memory loss

Synonyms of Fugue:

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Sentence/Example of Fugue:

By day, she muddles through in a depressive fugue, for reasons the movie will make clear later.

The sonnet is a sort of poetical fugue in which the theme ought to pass and repass until its final resolution in a given form.

I went down to the little parlor and tried the fugue on the piano, but could not remember the portion in question.

The music of the four-part fugue entered into him more deeply, and he began to hum its little phrases.

But like the theme in a fugue this loud tranquil recurrent need to Express me transcends them all.

It is customary to describe the music as a fugue, and, if that is so, no more unfugue-like fugue was ever penned.

But presently played-out fugue subjects are heard, and we know it is Beckmesser or no one.

The nearer she (or he) approaches the object of her (or his) search the louder grows the music (the fugue) and vice versa.

He praised my playing, particularly in the Bach fugue, and said: You play that well, which is much for him.

Ries added to the score a short passage of modulation, which led from the fugue into the plain, simple tune.