Fulfilling [verb]

Definition of Fulfilling:

bring to completion

Synonyms of Fulfilling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fulfilling:

Sentence/Example of Fulfilling:

Earlier, however, Grassley was maskless as he fulfilled his usual duties as president pro tempore, gaveling the Senate to order and leading the Pledge from the rostrum, perched just above the seats of several clerks.

The school board and its attorneys would ultimately have to decide if a case could be made that Beiser was not fulfilling his duties, Cate said.

Nana has created a new, scalable approach to giving people the agency, tools and support systems they need to build new skills and pursue fulfilling work opportunities.

On the mountain’s western slope, exhausted but fulfilled, we stopped by a lakeside hut to refill our water bottles and rest in the chilly twilight.

Now, if Data doesn’t feel pain, at least one of the reasons Singer offers for giving a creature moral standing is not fulfilled.

These are people who also want to work with us, and don’t need to receive a container full of cacao in order to feel fulfilled — just how I don’t need to have a mega factory in order to find value in my work.

Conveyor droids race across warehouse floors fulfilling our just-clicked desires.

On the other, many Americans remain somewhat suspicious of working moms, and wonder how effective they can really be at their jobs while also fulfilling their parenting duties.

Brooklinen is able to do that because its warehouses are able to get enough orders to customers in two day or fewer, in order to qualify for merchant-fulfilled Prime — something that younger brands aren’t always able to do.

If we want a world where people know they can be 100 percent themselves and be happy, and fulfilled, and loved at the same time, then we had better show them that it’s possible.