Fulfills [verb]

Definition of Fulfills:

bring to completion

Synonyms of Fulfills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fulfills:

Sentence/Example of Fulfills:

He takes the full blast of the wrath of the Law and fulfills its demands most meticulously.

The whole area of country in Russia which fulfills the conditions of a gold-bearing district is immense.

The king is dressed in scarlet, and quite fulfills one's idea of his aspect.

Bonaparte, as autocratic Executive power, fulfills his mission to secure "bourgeois order."

Even such are the obligations of God towards His human children, and He fulfills them.

In most cases a position somewhat to the flank and rear best fulfills these conditions.

In his text he fulfills the promise in the preface and devotes some pages to save the character of our Cape grapes.

Charity fulfills its mission best when it respects the misfortune of being poor in the persons of its recipients.

There can be hardly any doubt but that all the gas sent out from modern gas works fulfills the above requirement.

The opening of a perfectly constructed tale fulfills two purposes, one of which is intellectual and the other emotional.