Fuller [adjective]

Definition of Fuller:

brimming, filled

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuller:

Sentence/Example of Fuller:

As observation widens and grows finer, the first bald representation becomes fuller and more life-like.

There is quite a little knack in letting the hand fall so, but when you have once got it, the chord sounds much richer and fuller.

The types and symbols of a former period were blessed to the souls of men, as well as the fuller revelations of succeeding times.

To this book the reader who desires fuller information and minuter details than could be given in the following pages is referred.

Soil of Homburg composed of Fuller's-earth, warranted to absorb superfluous grease from cloth substances.

Fuller says that they were terribly jolted, and seemed to bounce altogether from the track, but lighted on the rails in safety.

For a fuller account of the road-making affair here mentioned, see pp. 431, 462.

The demand for a fuller life and more security was being made by the miners all over the country.

It shone in his face; worn and emaciated, he seemed to Margaret Fuller "more divine than ever."

One subject mentioned in this letter deserves a fuller explanation than Chopin vouchsafes.