Fullness [noun]

Definition of Fullness:

abundance, breadth

Opposite/Antonyms of Fullness:

Sentence/Example of Fullness:

The differences in the three great makers seems to be now decided to consist in fullness of tone and quantity of power.

What we have to look for in a violin is that roundness and fullness of quality which are combined in the term sweetness.

Also, I did manage, in the fullness of time, to deliver La Pere's ten thousand dollars without further gun-play.

And the fullness, the depth of those incredible chords actually set my blood tingling.

We employed some hours in going over it, and I shall therefore describe it with some fullness.

This gave the fullness about the waist seen in the statue of Faustina (Fig. 99), in which the cut of the sleeves can also be seen.

Latin words, moreover, have a fullness of sound which gives them an added weight and dignity.

Therefore regard must always be had for the thought,—that it may be expressed in its perfect fullness and entirety.

Between, the two great blue eyes, the soft oval of the cheeks, and the pleasant red fullness of the lips appeared.

It was toil, toil, on acres which were rich but apparently unwilling to yield their fullness.